Organic India Immunity Syrup 200 ml

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IMMUNITY: Viral Suppressant and Immune Support. Immunity syrup strengthens your immune System to Fight Cough, Cold, Flu and Viral Fever. Immunity helps prevent viral infections, bacterial infections and respiratory infections, when ill, Immunity helps reduce symptoms and speed recovery, Immunity has adaptogenic - anti stress properties which reduce and protect against stress, a major cause of illness. Also Tastes Good. 
Made with Organic Ingredients using whole Herbs:-
Strong support in defense against viral infections.
Promotes overall immune function, effective in stress related ulcers of GI tract.
Hepato and Reno protective.
Increases stamina against diseases.
Significant Adaptogenic activity.
Protects against stress.
Immunomodulator, anti-inflammatory.
Powerful Adaptogenic/anti-stress agents.
Protect against radiation, anti-ageing.
Significant antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties.
Powerful staminators.
Strengthen immune system.
Help Reduce side effect of Radiation and Chemotherapy.
Rich in antioxidants and micronutrients.


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